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Menopause Specialist Near Me

Menopause Specialist Near Me

Menopause Specialist Near Me its one of the most common searches women make online when looking for a doctor. Why is that you might ask? First we have to understand what menopause really is and how it can affect women around the world, in order to understand why this is such a common search online.

Menopause or Climacteric is the moment in a woman’s life when she can experience a multitude of symptoms. It’s a period of endocrinology, physiological, sexual, body and mental changes that can occur over a period of time or sometimes even all at once. The symptoms of menopause can be so debilitating for many women, that is not something that can be taken lightly. Some women can experience severe symptoms during this transition and can have so many mental, sexual, and physical changes that it can drastically affect a woman’s life.

When a women searches online: Menopause Specialist Near Me, its most likely because she already had been seen by multiple primary doctors, gynecologists, internal medicine doctors and other health care providers but she still feels like no one is addressing her symptoms. Or even explaining in exact details what is happening to her.


Symptoms of Menopause

Women going through menopause or the menopause transition can sometimes suffer for many years, without being correctly diagnosed.  Abnormal uterine bleeding, decreasing hormone levels, changes in body composition and psychological changes are some of the typical complaints women experience but sometimes are not properly addressed or treated.

Another sign that premenopause or menopause is approaching, is the decrease in fertility and reproductive potential.  Women after 35 years can start experiencing a decrease in estrogen levels, progesterone and testosterone leading to abnormalities in ovulation. Or even those hormonal changes can affect the phases of the menstrual cycle. Leading to anovulation or irregular cycles, All of this can significantly decrease the chances of a woman getting pregnant and start a family.

At Texas Menopause we believe we have the answer to your online search to find a Menopause Specialist Near Me.

Doctor Joel Rivera Menopause Specialist

Doctor Joel Rivera Jimenez is a board certified Gynecologist with more than 18 years of experience in the menopause field. When you are looking online for “A Menopause Specialist Near Me”  Dr Joel Rivera (Board Certified Gynecologist) could be the answer that you are looking for. Doctor Rivera has been a menopause specialist for many years now. He has passed multiple examinations and rigorous testing to become certified in the field of Menopause . In addition he is board certified in Anti Aging and Functional Medicine.  He successfully completed the certification by the American Academy of Functional Medicine in 2015. In addition, Doctor Joel Rivera is a member of the North American Menopause Society since 2008. He also completed the examination to become a certified Menopause practitioner more than 10 years ago. If you want to learn more about Doctor Joel Rivera (Menopause Specialist) you an click Here


Texas Menopause

Texas Menopause is located in Katy Texas. We also treat women from the Houston area, Cypress, Sealy, Richmond and much more.  Call us to book an appointment. See our page “How it works” to understand what we can offer for you and what services we offer.  Menopause Specialist Near Me

Menopause Specialist Near me
Menopause Specialist near me

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