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Menopause Discussion Group

Menopause Discussion Groups

Texas Menopause is proud to introduce: Menopause Discussion Group

These group meetings via zoom and/or in person are designed to be completely educational. The primary focus of these meetings if for the participants to share their experience, help one another understand their choices and empower each other.

The atmosphere will be one of encouragement, acceptance and inclusion.

Many women going through menopause or the menopause transition are sometimes comfortable expressing their feelings and thoughts and find a therapeutic approach in group participation.  These meetings can increase the chances that women will take the necessary steps to improve their quality of life.

Women who are interested in joining these groups should email us at:


Our Menopause Discussion Group can address the needs of women who already are in menopause as well those women going through hormonal changes and for those in their perimenopause years.  Women 35 years and older are welcome to join our groups.


Who will benefit from our Menopause Group? 

Knowledge is power!  Women who join these groups will gain enough practical information to work on their personal health, but also along with their healthcare provider; and to participate in the decision making process about treatment options, surgeries and medications that can affect their health in the long run.


What topics will be discussed in these Menopause Discussion Groups ? 

These groups are intended for women battling through perimenopause as well as for those already in menopause.  There is a huge amount on information out there and many women get overwhelmed by this. The most common topics patients asked me in our clinic and the ones we will be discussing in the groups are the following:

  1. Menopause symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes)
  2. Low libido or low sex drive
  3. Weight gain and weight loss during menopause
  4. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  5. Breast Cancer and Hormones
  6. Pain during sex
  7. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  8. Surgical Menopause
  9. Cancer Fears
  10. PCOS and Hormonal Imbalances
  11. Depression and personal relationships
  12. Osteoporosis


Do you need to be a patient of Texas Menopause or Dr Joel Rivera to participate ? 

No. Any women can register and be a participant of our group. If you would like to have a medical consultation with Dr Joel Rivera, you can visit us at 23960 Katy Freeway Suite #350 Katy Texas 77494 or you can call for an appointment at 713-464-1845. We take all major insurances and also accept self pay patients.


Is there is a fee to join the Menopause Discussion Groups? 

There is a small fee of 25$ per session. To increase the commitment to attend sessions its best for participants to prepay their planned session. Payments can be made via PayPal or Zelle. There will be a total of 4 sessions per group.


Do you offer a One on One Coaching Program ? 

Yes. For women who needs additional help to overcome their symptoms or those who have more complex medical conditions we offer a 1 hour live coaching program over zoom. For more information please email us at

Coaching programs are ideal for women that want to discuss more in depth their menopause symptoms and overall health, wants to get a deeper understanding of their treatment options and want to work toward achieving a specific goal. We understand that a typical medical consultation in an office clinic can last up to 10 minutes per patient. Which in reality is not enough to address all your symptoms. That’s why a live 1 hour zoom coaching session can provide more valuable information and more resources to help you achieve your health goals. Email us with your questions and for more information.


What is the Duration and Frequency of these Menopause Group Meetings ? 

These group meetings are a series of one (1) to one and a half (1.5) hour weekly session running for 4 weeks starting on a selected date of the month. Meetings will be scheduled in the evenings during weekdays unless there is a special demand for daytime meetings.


Group Participation 

All women are encourage to participate , but no one is forced to speak. Some people learn just by simply listening. Confidentiality and feeling safe during these meetings is critical and no discriminatory remarks will be allowed.

We also encourage participants to keep their questions and comments handy in order not to forget to ask them during the sessions.


Im ready to join the Menopause Discussion Group. What Should I do now? 

Email us at to sign up for the group and join the list. Once a group of 6-10 women join, dates and times will be provided.

Menopause Specialist Near me
Menopause Specialist near me

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