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A Menopause Specialist helps patients feel younger and hormonally balanced. It is vital that women understand what is happening to their bodies during perimenopause and menopause so they can make informed decisions about hormone replacement therapy, lifestyle changes and dietary modifications.

At Texas Menopause we know that every women is different with different needs and different health concerns. We create an individualized health plan to help you achieve a better you during Menopause and the Perimenopause transition so you can gain control of your health and feel young again.

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About Menopause

Menopause means the permanent cessation of ovulation and menstrual cycles for at least 12 months. While Menopause Transition is the span of time when menstrual cycles and hormonal changes are occurring starting as early as 35 years of age up to 51.  Women experiencing surgical menopause do not experience this transition.

Menopause Symptoms

Low Energy

Low Sex Drive

Weight Gain


Menopause Management

Through an understanding of nutrition, natural remedies and Hormone Replacement Therapy (including Bio-identical hormones) we at Texas Menopause can formulate an individual health plan that can help you achieve your health goals. Book a consultation with our Menopause Specialist

Bio-Identical Hormones

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Supplements and Vitamins

Herbs and Essential Nutrients


Understanding your metabolism

Understand the key components that are essential to preserve a healthy metabolism and healthy weight especially during the menopause transition and the natural aging process.

Balance blood sugar

Thyroid health

Liver function and detoxification

Ovarian & Adrenal health

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