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Welcome to Texas Menopause

Texas Menopause. Center for Hormone Balancing, Culinary Medicine, Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. We utilize a Revolutionary approach to Menopause, Perimenopause, Metabolic Nutrition and Women’s health care like no other clinic  in Katy Texas and West Houston area. . We will help you improve your quality of life and life expectancy. We approach menopause care and preventive medicine for women over 35 in a way that sets us apart from the rest !

Are you looking for answers to your Menopause or Nutritional questions ? Are you interested in personalized and preventive medicine that applies to you only ? Are you getting the right facts about your health status, Menopause and the aging process so you can make educated decisions?

Texas Menopause (by Pink Women’s Center P.A ) was created so that women would not suffer, as many often do, when approaching this transition in their life. Our main goal is to explain to you how your body and mind works when reaching 35 and above (Perimenopause and  Menopause transition) and get you on the right track to a Hormonal and Nutritional balance. With so many women leaving their clinicians office even more confused than what they arrived for when looking for answers to their Menopause questions, living with fear of Breast Cancer and gynecologic cancer, stroke, dementia, heart disease and other chronic conditions due to misinformation, exposing women in need of treatment to unnecessary suffering from bothersome symptoms and poor quality of life, having the patient to decide between using no therapy for menopause and the aging process and suffer for many years to come or offering only conventional therapies, without developing a complete health and nutritional plan that is individualized for you and for women over 35.

Your body is aging, your life is constantly changing, but you should not suffer silently through all of these stages without proper care, and most importantly, you should be well educated about your options to prevent disease as these include hormonal, non hormonal, bio-identical, herbal, nutritional, alternative, holistic therapies and exercise prescription.

With no other physician in Katy and west Houston Texas with a Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Sciences, certified in Menopause by the North American Menopause Society, where a more traditional medicine is practiced, while at the same time undergoing Board Certification in Anti-aging, Regenerative and Preventive Medicine by the Metabolic Medical Institute, where a more alternative, cellular  and physiological approach to  medicine is taught, Texas Menopause (Pink Women’s Center P.A ) offers a unique and extraordinary opportunity to learn about your body as you age and to answer all conflicting information regarding menopause and preventive women’s care that others cannot answer.

Texas Menopause is not only a center to get treatment for the actual symptoms of Menopause or Perimenopause, its a center where you can learn about preventive health, nutritional medicine and sport nutrition starting at age 35 that will lead you to live a longer, fuller life before symptoms actually occur. You do not need to be in Menopause to benefit from us. Our most important asset and what we focused more on  is education!! Our mission is to make women healthier through the power of information.

We offer an innovative and cardio-metabolic preventive approach to women’s care for those over 35.

Texas Menopause offers different lectures, discussion groups and menopause workshops given by experts in their respective medical fields, teaching and empowering women with information regarding the Aging process, Menopause, Natural Herbs, Bio-identical hormones, Compounded Medications, Gynecologic issues, Gynecologic Cancer, Acupunture, Anti aging medicine, Bone health, Skin Health, Sexual health, Mental health, Andropause and much more. Texas Menopause is without question the center for Women’s Health over 35, Sport Enthusiast, Perimenopause, Menopause and for life.

texassignature2    Care for Women. Care for life. 


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