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Step 1  

Understanding our Preventive | Menopause Program

We suggest you become familiar with our therapeutic and preventive program before making your appointment. It is crucial to understand how the program works so you know what to expect on every visit.  We take all major health insurances.

Click here to understand: Our Menopause Program

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Step 2  

Scheduling the appointment

You can call our office at 713-464-1845 or book through our online booking portal at TexasMenopause  (upper right corner of every page) and specify you want to become a patient of Texas Menopause and join our health program.

Its required you book your appointment  2 weeks after submission of documents in step 5. This will allow us to review your information prior to your visit.


Step 3


We take all major health insurances. Copays and deductibles apply as in any other medical consultation. Due to the sophisticated nature of the consult, we utilize special labs that may include saliva testing, blood markers and nutritional panels. We utilize major lab companies (Quest|Lab Corp) whenever possible and they will apply towards your yearly deductible. However, other specialty lab companies charge a standard fee|copay for their unique lab panel.

Please note that not all lab panels below are ordered for every patient

Nutritional panels: Tests in urine or blood that measure Vitamins|Minerals| Amino Acid|Antioxidant deficiencies


Saliva | Blood Hormone Testing: Measuring your hormones is essential to staying healthy


Cardio-Metabolic panel: Advanced tests that help define cardiovascular disease risk and progression to Diabetes


Genetic Testing: Tests to asses a person’s biological age independent of chronological age. Learn how fast your cells are aging


Estrogen Metabolism Test: Measures Estrogen metabolites. Evaluates how estrogen is processed in the body and gives clinical information about estrogen related conditions like Breast Cancer and Heart Disease


Leaky gut test | Intestinal permeability testing:  Gluten and food allergies, processed sugars, antibiotics, dairy etc can damage the lining of your gut and cause chronic conditions like Hashimotos disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc by allowing large undigested proteins get absorbed in your bloodstream and activating your immune system.


Food allergy testing | Gluten sensitivity: Can test for up to 87 IgG food allergies and IgE reactions


Organic Acid Test: Includes markers for vitamins and mineral levels, oxidative stress, mitochondrial function ( Energy producing cells) that can help understand causes of chronic fatigue, decreased energy, mental fog, depression etc.


Copayments may apply for some lab testing.


Step 4  

Health Information

In order to make an individualized assessment of your health we will require the following information:

checkmark2512 Any medical illness past or present

checkmark2512 Any prior nutritional therapy or weight loss program

checkmark2512 Previous medical treatments or surgeries if any

checkmark2512 Current medical treatment recommendations (Diabetes, Heart disease etc)

checkmark2512 Height and weight ( recent weight gain or loss )

checkmark2512 All prescription and non prescription medication including vitamins, herbs, supplements, natural remedies etc)

checkmark2512 Any difficulty swallowing capsules

checkmark2512Genetic or family history of any cancer, heart disease, brain disorders or metabolic conditions

checkmark2512 Previous labs or studies done ( Mammograms, Bone Density Scans, Biopsy, Hormonal Testing (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, adrenals  etc), previous Cardiovascular Assessment or recommendations, Neurologic evaluations, previous fitness recommendations  or anything that will helps us understand your health status )

Step 5

Forms to submit before your appointment

1) Menopause assessment quiz


2) Nutritional Questionnaire


3) 3-Day food Diary

For the 3 Day food diary please include your name, 1 weekend day| 2 weekdays, use brand names or restaurants names if dining out, method of food preparation (fried, steamed, baked, grilled), include condiments and ingredients added, include portion sizes ( 1 cup, 8 0z etc). On “notes” you can write activities for that day.

 How To Submit forms:

A) Fill forms online and save them to your computer.

B) Email completed forms to info@TexasMenopause.com or PinkWomensCenter@yahoo.com

C) You can also print completed forms and fax them to: (832) 913-6931

D) Print forms and drop them off in our Katy Office Location: Medical Plaza 1 23920 Katy Freeway Suite 460

If you fax the forms we ask you to call the following business day to verify we have received them.


 Step 6  

The day of your appointment (What to expect )

checkmark2512 Please arrive on time , at least 20 minutes before your appointment so you can complete any documents needed and verify your insurance.

checkmark2512 Bring necessary documents including labs, x rays, mammograms etc  to your initial appointment. If another physician has your medical records, we will give you a release of information form so they can fax it to us. Please notify your physician that we will be requesting labs and follow up with them.

checkmark2512 During initial evaluation we will asses your overall health with various methods and techniques and draw all necessary labs.  We will use your insurance for all labs and studies done in our office, however have in mind that every insurance is different and you may have deductibles to meet.

checkmark2512 After initial evaluation and receiving all pertinent labs results and studies ordered, we will set up follow up appointments to discuss individual medical strategies to prevent or treat chronic disease like cardiovascular disease, brain disorders, osteoporosis, chronic medical conditions, gynecologic and non gynecologic cancers including breast, colon and ovarian cancer and to create individual fitness and nutritional program that will help you stay healthy.

checkmark2512 Workshops and seminars will be given at different times and may include a small fee. These will be offered to interested candidates. Notifications  will be sent via email and posted on our website at TexasMenopause.com


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