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At Texas Menopause we want to revolutionize the way you think about nutrition, exercise and weight loss. Our goal is to help you get rid of destructive beliefs and conventional thinking that might be preventing you from reaching your health goals.  Not only we want to discuss about nutrition and exercise, but we also want to show you how hormones interact with one another and how they affect your body.

There is a lot of myths out there regarding nutrition and weight loss. Some of those myths are:

checkmark2512 Eat less | exercise more its the only way to success

checkmark2512 Calories in vs. Calories out = weight loss

checkmark2512 Skipping meals to loose weight

checkmark2512 Do not eat or drink anything before exercise

checkmark2512 Appetite suppression is the way to loose weight

checkmark2512 Carbohydrates are bad and proteins are good

checkmark2512 “I cant loose weight, I have a slow metabolism”

All of these statements are myths. Conventional thinking that will not allow you to reach your health goals. At Texas Menopause we will explain why these myths just don’t work. We want to help you break those bad habits and lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

As opposed to what conventional thinking says:We want you to eat more but we want you to eat right.

It is possible to loose body fat and body weight at any stage in your life!

For those who considered themselves “healthy” or “fit” , we want to help you get even healthier. Some of the things we offer to women who are currently both in “shape” and exercising are the following:

1) Learn how to eat right instead of eating “healthy”

2) Calculate amount of Carbohydrates and Calories needed to maintain current weight

3) Learn what are the best carbohydrates choices within the grain, fruits , vegetables, dairy group

4) Learn the type, amount and when should carbohydrates be consumed before, during & after exercise

5) Learn what healthy fats are

6) Learn how much daily fat consumption is recommended

7) Learn what are complete and incomplete proteins

8) Learn the effects of too much protein in your body

9) Calculate amount of proteins needed based on the type of exercise you perform

10) Learn the  type, amount and when should proteins be consumed before, during & after exercise

                                                                           WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

In our program, helping you loose weight is one of our major priorities. There is a linear correlation between gaining excess weight and all cause mortality, heart disease and all types of cancer. If you are not happy with your current weight, we want to help you loose those extra pounds. We want you to achieve your health goals. In our opinion, the first step to take before you embark in the journey of loosing those excess body pounds and reach your ideal body weight is to get rid of all destructive beliefs that you may have regarding your current weight and dietary habits and to forget all myths that are out there regarding fad diets that wont work in the long run. We need you to change those thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from loosing weight and start embracing that there is a mental component to weight loss and fitness.

As part of our program, we offer the following assessment:

1) Calculate Body Mass Index and Ideal Body Weight

2) Body composition analysis

3) Calculate calories needed to loose weight

4) Measure nutritional deficiencies with advanced nutritional testing

5) Health metrics to asses risk of chronic disease and cancer

6) Calculate energy expenditure based on the type of exercise chosen

7) Determine what are the dietary changes you need to loose weight

8) Learn how to set weekly, monthly and yearly goals to loose weight or maintain weight

9) Learn how to loose weight safely


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