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Preventive Medicine | Chronic Disease Management

Screening tests like Mammograms, Colonoscopy, Bone Density Scan, certain blood tests are designed to pick up disease in its early stages or during active disease, however Preventive Medicine its an active process that involves many different things and aspects of medicine like Immunizations, certain medications, proper nutrition, eating a healthy diet, exercise programs, getting a good night sleep etc. that would help the patient to prevent disease in the first place.

The active process of Preventive Medicine involves not only your physicians participation but the patient and the patient’s family as well. The only way to prevent disease in the first place is to get everyone’s participation, to create a team of people like yourself that want to live healthy and live a fuller,longer life.

At Texas Menopause we do an overall assessment of what diseases we need to focus on depending on your personal health history and family medical history. We would look into what tests, including blood, saliva, stool and urine tests are needed in your particular case and will help you create a new lifestyle that will help you reach your health goals.  Some of the health aspects that we manage in the field of Preventive Medicine are:


checkmark2512Learn the Fundaments of how Nutritional Medicine can treat a wide array of symptoms


checkmark2512Learn Nutritional Agents available right in your kitchen that will help prevent disease


checkmark2512Cardiovascular disease prevention


checkmark2512Gastrointestinal Health


checkmark2512Musculoskeletal Disorders


checkmark2512Gynecology Disorders


checkmark2512Psychiatric conditions


checkmark2512Endocrine Disorders (Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid disease, Adrenal Insufficiency)


checkmark2512Cancer Prevention (Breast cancer, Colon Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer)


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