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Nutritional Medicine Program

Scientific research have shown how nutritional medicine and natural substances are effective at preventing and treating a wide range of medical conditions including the effects of aging, menopause and even cancer prevention.

Patients who report many side effects to traditional drug treatments report that after following a nutritional medicine program they feel more energetic, feel better about themselves and their condition improves without the need for expensive drugs.

Our goal at Texas Menopause is to provide patients with the latest nutritional regimens to boost the immune system, prevent complications associated with conventional medical treatments and prevent and treat conditions that occur as we age utilizing a more holistic approach. We can also co mange with your physician and supplement your existing medical therapy. Without proper and adequate nutrition, your body will not able to unlock the healing power food contains. What you eat every day is a far more powerful determinant of your health than even your genes.  The food you consume daily can heal you faster and more profoundly than more costly prescription medicines.

At Texas Menopause we believe there are three keys to unlock the nutritional and healing power food provides:

1) Getting the most out of whole foods by making it readily available for proper absorption

2) Avoiding hidden toxins, pesticides, herbicides found in foods

3) Achieving satiety and not feeling deprived without adding extra calories

Adequate nutrition does not has to be complicated, difficult to achieve, tasteless or joyless. We believe that one small change changes everything. You can make satisfying and flavorful foods without having to go “on a diet” and still loose weight or maintain your current healthy weight. Why this is important? Because research has shown that many chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, stroke and hypertension are linked to inadequate nutrition and to the standard American diet (S.A.D).

Texas Menopause Nutritional Medicine Program consist of :


checkmark2512 Testing for micronutrients and vitamin|mineral deficiencies


checkmark2512Learn dietary recommendations & principles of healthful eating


checkmark2512Information about what foods to eat and those to avoid


checkmark2512Sample recipes and meal plans


checkmark2512Tips on how to order at restaurants or where to order for take out


checkmark2512Learn the effects that foods or food groups have on your specific medical condition


checkmark2512Identify anti-cancer ingredients that are available right in your kitchen


checkmark2512Learn how to Fight Menopause with Nutrition


checkmark2512Understand when selected nutritional supplements are necessary to complement your diet


checkmark2512Understand how food preparation and cooking techniques can increase the risk of cancer


checkmark2512Boost your Anti-Oxidant defenses with adequate nutrition


checkmark2512Lower your chances of developing different types of Cancer with the right nutrients and foods


checkmark2512Learn what foods to avoid and what foods to ingest more to treat common medical conditions


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