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Menopause is a normal event in a woman’s life. Its defined as the final menstrual period and its confirmed after 1 year of  no menstrual cycles. It consists in loss of ovarian function and its most commonly due to an advanced age.

When Does Menopause occurs ?

  1. Average age of natural menopause in the United States  is 51 y/o.
  2. It can range from 40 to 58 y/o but varies from patient to patient.
  3. Can occur at any moment from a medical process (eg, surgical removal of the ovaries, chemotherapy from ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer & radiation therapy)
  4. Due to impaired ovarian function ( Chromosomal disease, immune system attack, infection etc )

 Menopause Terminology:

1. Natural Menopause: Its the spontaneous permanent ending of menstruation that is not caused by medical or surgical therapy.

2. Perimenopause or Menopause Transition : Refers to the span of time that begins with the onset of intermenstrual cycle irregularities and other related menopause or perimenopause symptoms. It extends  through menopause.

3. Premature Menopause: Refers to menopause that occurs before age 40. This is approximately 1% of all cases.

4. Primary Ovarian Insufficiency: Its a condition of elevated female pituitary hormones in a person younger than 40 years. (Previously known as premature ovarian failure)

5. Induced Menopause: Its the cessation of menstruation that follows either a surgical removal of both ovaries or iatrogenic disruption of ovarian function ( Chemotherapy or radiotherapy)

Common symptoms of Menopause:

  • checkmark2512Hot Flashes
  • checkmark2512Night Sweats
  • checkmark2512Depression
  • checkmark2512Weight gain
  • checkmark2512Low Libido
  • checkmark2512Insomnia
  • checkmark2512Fatigue
  • checkmark2512Memory Loss
  • checkmark2512Fibroids
  • checkmark2512Vaginal Dryness
  • checkmark2512Osteoporosis
  • checkmark2512Joint Pain
  • checkmark2512Cataracts
  • checkmark2512Increase incidence of cancer

Topics Discussed at Texas Menopause :

Menopause symptoms: Hot flashes |Night sweats| Painful sex| Vaginal Dryness|Menstrual changes| PMS| Insomnia|

Weight changes & Dietary recommendations: Lifestyle changes | Nutrition | Vitamins | Minerals | Micronutrient Testing

Cardio-Metabolic Risk factors:  Hypertension | Insulin resistance | Diabetes |Heart Disease Prevention | Stroke

Adrenal Fatigue: Less tolerance | Loss of libido | Fatigue | Poor response to stress

Brain fitness |Brain function | Brain nutrition to prevent Stroke, Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson

Bone loss and Joint disease: Osteopenia | Osteoporosis | Osteoarthritis

Hormonal imbalances: Natural hormones | Bioidentical Hormones |Saliva & Urine Hormone Testing

Natural Strategies: Gynecologic & Breast Cancer patients with menopause symptoms.

Mental Health during Menopause: Mood swings | Tension, | Stress | Panick Attacks

Genito-urinary health : Urinary Incontinence | Pelvic Organ Prolapse| Vaginal Pain | Recurrent Vaginal Infections

Cancer Prevention Strategies &  individual risk analysis:Cervical Cancer| Breast Cancer| Uterine Cancer| Ovarian Cancer



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