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Cancer Nutrition

Cancer, neoplasm or malignant growth is probably one of the most horrifying words a person can hear. When we think of cancer, we think of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other new modalities available to treat this horrible condition.

Sometimes we think of cancer treatment as being worse than the actual disease or think of the treatment as at least being better than being death.

However, when we think of a cancer diagnosis and its related treatment , we never or rarely think of the imporatance on how proper nutrition and adequate supplementation play a key role in defeating this disease.

Numerous epidemiological, randomized and controlled studies have shown that people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables have much lower cancer rates than those who don’t.

Scientist have learned that various components of plants, fruits and vegetables, including minerals and vitamins can affect malignant cells and can cause them to stop growing or even to dissapear.  These same nutrients and vitamins fail to harm normal cells but attack cancer cells only.

Some of these nutrients including antioxidants and special plant chemicals might actually enhance the effectiveness of these treatmets (chemotherapy| radiotherapy) and help against malignant cells.

Some of the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on some organs like the kidney, bone marrow or brain can be reduced with some natural chemicals found in plants.

Many flavonoids and even some vitamins can also inhibit enzymes that play a vital role in tumor invasion of adjancent organs. The good news is that all of these nutrients can commonly be found in fruits and vegetables with some vegetables containing more nutrients than others.

It is evident that these plant substances, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids can attack malignant cells at all levels. They can even protect normal cells from becoming cancer cells.

It has been shown that patients who have adequate nutrition at the time of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or even surgery do better than those who do not.

Its also known that people who have cancer radiation therapy to the head and neck develop dry mouth, ulcerations, difficulty swallowing. Those who receive cancer radiation therapy to the abdominal wall can have diarrhea, food malabsorption or rectal problems.  Chemotherapy can cause fatigue, mouth sores, poor absorption of food, bone marrow suppresion, recurrent infections and organ damage.

Some of these feared complications of cancer therapy can be reduced by the use of special nutritional supplements and dietary changes.

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