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Breast Cancer Prevention

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Breast Cancer Prevention Program 

At Texas Menopause we focus on what are the causes of Breast Cancer, risk factors for Breast Cancer development and how to prevent it in the first place.  We help you implement some strategies that are useful to prevent any type of cancer and to prevent recurrences in women who already had cancer.

Risk factors for Breast Cancer are the following:

  1. Your Gender ( Being a woman is one of the biggest risk factors)
  2. Getting older
  3. Family history of Breast, colon, ovarian or other types of cancer
  4. Your genes ( Hereditary Breast Cancer gene)
  5. Obesity or being overweight
  6. Menopause status or menstrual history
  7. Alcohol ingestion
  8. Using certain types of Hormones
  9. Smoking and lack of exercise
  10. Low Vitamin D levels
  11. Night shift workers
  12. Eating unhealthy diet and exposures to chemicals/pesticides
  13. Others

At Texas Menopause we will teach you nutritional strategies that you can take to protect your breast, heart and your overall health.  Some of these strategies consist of decreasing animal protein consumption including red meats, eliminating the “bad fats” from your diet while increasing the “good fats” that makes us healthy. We will teach you how to increase antioxidants levels naturally and with supplements that will help you fight against free radicals formation.   Individual nutritional programs will be designed specifically for you and your current needs and health goals.

We will also focus on measuring specific hormones related to Breast Cancer formation and Estrogen urinary metabolites that can lead you to breast disease.

Some of the topics that will also be addressed are:


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